On-site parking is available for all events at the Oakland Arena and RingCentral Coliseum including parking accommodations for limousines, buses and RVs. Designated space is provided in all four lots for guests with ADA placards.

Parking fees may be paid in cash or with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. All rates include a City of Oakland-imposed parking tax, unless noted otherwise.

Parking lot rental opportunities are also available.

844.040. F. For purposes of the California Vehicle Code, all surfaced areas of the parking facility, on which vehicles normally travel to enter and leave parking spaces or the parking facility, shall be considered “highways” as defined in California Vehicle Code Section 360.

Click Here for a map of our parking lots: Parking Map.pdf


Oakland Arena Concerts/Events Parking Fees

(Rates include a city-imposed parking tax)

  • Car & Motorcycle – $40
  • RV / Limo / Bus – $85
  • Parking gates open 2 hours prior to event start time.
  • Arena doors open 1 hour before scheduled event time.

Oakland Athletics Parking Fees

  • Car & Motorcycle – $30
  • RV / Limo / Bus – $50
  • Parking gates open 2.5 hours prior to game start for most games. 

Oakland Raiders Parking Fees


  • Only pre-paid parking passes will be accepted in our main lots.
  • Due to unprecedented demand, we have SOLD OUT of both parking passes and oversized vehicle parking passes for this Raiders season.
  • There is cash parking available in the Malibu parking lot, which is located beyond the South lot. Parking in this lot is available on a first come first serve basis.
  • Car & Motorcycle – $35 (includes City-imposed parking tax.) 
  • RV / Limo / Bus – $75 (includes City-imposed parking tax. Passes must be pre-purchased through the Oakland Raiders for Limo/RV/Bus lot.)
  • Parking gates open 5 hours prior to game time.
  • Stadium gates open 2 hours prior to game time.
  • East Side / West Side Clubs open 3 hours prior to game time. (Suite/Club tickets only.)
  • For limos/buses, please contact the Raiders at 510-864-5000.

Tailgating Rules and Regulations

Tailgating is permitted before events in the Oakland Arena and Coliseum parking lots, however due to the limited number of parking spaces available, only one parking stall per vehicle is allowed.


  1. Tailgating is limited to the area directly in front of or behind your vehicle
  2. Empty spaces may NOT be used for the purpose of tailgating
  3. Patrons may NOT reserve additional spaces for themselves or others
  4. Guests may not pay for an additional parking spot (1 spot per vehicle only)
  5. Tailgate set ups and vehicle must remain behind the red line to allow for emergency service vhicles to pass through
  6. Tailgating is NOT permitted after events
  7. Raider game tailgating ends at kick off
  8. No animals allowed except service animals


  1. Please dump hot coals in the appropriate receptacles provided throughout the lots
  2. Do not dump hot coals on parking surface
  3. Please remove all trash from your site and place in trash receptacles provided!
  4. Please keep valuables out of sight
  5. Please lock your vehicle before going into the event


Parking Lot Rules and Regulations

Spaces to accommodate vehicles are restricted to 20 feet long x 8 ft wide. Vehicles larger than 20 feet long x 8 ft wide may be directed to the RV/Bus Lot if space is available and will be charged the oversized rate (with the exception of Raiders Games). 

Any vehicle wider than 8 ft. may be subject to additional parking fees. 

Guests may only purchase one (1) parking spot per vehicle.

Reserving spaces is not permitted.

Law Enforcement and Security staff will patrol the parking lots to enforce the City of Oakland Municipal Codes (8.44.040) as well as Arena conduct policies.

All charcoal must be extinguished and disposed of in the provided fireproof containers or taken with you when you leave.

Please help keep the lots clean by utilizing garbage bags and garbage cans provided by the facility.

No selling of any items permitted.

Parking Lot Prohibited Items

  • Glass containers are not permitted
  • Kegs are not permitted
  • Animals except service animals, are not permitted
  • City of Oakland Municipal Code: 8.44.040 J. No person shall bring within the perimeter of the boundaries of the Coliseum parking lots, or cause to be brought to the parking lots, a beer keg or any type of glass container. This subsection shall not apply to patrons possessing prescribed medication in glass containers

Disabled Parking Placards

Disabled parking placards may be checked by law enforcement to ensure the person who has been issued the placard by the state is present in the vehicle. 

Disabled parking placards must be displayed at all times while parked in a designated ADA parking space on property.


No Selling or Re-Selling of Tickets

844.040 I. No person shall bring, or cause to be brought, for the purposes of sale or barter, or have for sale, or sell or exchange, or offer for sale or exchange any food, drink, service, goods, wares, ticket or merchandise within any portion of the parking facility including the perimeter sidewalk of the complex without first having obtained a city business tax certificate and a permit from the authorized representative.


Premium parking services, powered by Propark America, are available for all events at Oakland Arena and Ring Central Coliseum. Parking services provided include accomodations for limosines, busses and RVs, as well as designated ADA-placard spaces in all four (4) surface lots. 

Acceptable forms of payment for parking fees are cash and/or any debit/credit card with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover logos. All rates are inclusive of a City of Oakland-imposed parking tax, unless noted otherwise.


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